Samples of published and ongoing projects by the Climate Analytics Lab. Sort them by computational or Earth Science tags.

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Detecting Ship-tracks

Studied for many decades now, ship-tracks are a classic example of aerosol-cloud interactions. These perturbations to cloud albedo by aerosol emitted from sh...

Ship-track viewer

Easily browse all the ship-tracks detected in Watson-Parris et al. 2022 using our machine learning algorithm. Each track as an associated MODIS timestamp so ...

Pockets of Open Cells

Pockets of Open Cells (POCs) have been a source of interest since they were first described 15 years ago due to their complex nature and the importance of st...

Climate model emulation

Large computer models requiring hundreds of input parameters, taking thousands of core-hours to run , and producing terabytes of output are ubiquitous in the...


Unsupervised learning determines global marine eco-provinces

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