Journal Articles

* = (co-)supervised


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    Highlight: “Air pollution cools climate more than expected – this makes cutting carbon emissions more urgent.” The Conversation

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    Briefing: “Finding the invisible traces of shipping in marine cloudsNature

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    Highlight: COVID-19 lockdowns temporarily raised global temperatures

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    Editors’ Highlight: “How Does Climate Respond to Different Forcings?”

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    Editors’ Highlight: “Effects of Particles on Climate Remain Unsettled”

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    Highlight: Chosen for the cover page of special issue

Conference Papers


  • Tazi, K., Salas-Porras, E. D., Braude, A., Okoh, D., Lamb, K. D., Watson-Parris, D., Harder, P., Meinert, N. “Pyrocast: A Machine Learning Pipeline to Forecast Pyrocumulonimbus (PyroCb) clouds” Climate Change AI workshop at NeurIPS 2022:
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  • Jesson, A., Manshausen, P., Douglas, A., Watson-Parris, D., Gal, Y., Stier, P. “Using Non-Linear Causal Models to Study Aerosol-Cloud Interactions in the Southeast Pacific” Climate Change AI workshop at NeurIPS 2021:
  • Harder, P., Watson-Parris, D., Strassel, D., Gauger, N., Stier, P., Keuper, J. “Emulating Aerosol Microphysics with Machine Learning” Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning Workshop at ICML 2021:
  • Schroeder de Witt, C., Tong, C., Zantedeschi, V., Martini D., Kalaitzis, A., Chantry, M., Watson-Parris, D., Bilinski, P. “RainBench: Towards Data-Driven Global Precipitation Forecasting from Satellite Imagery” Thirty-Fifth AAAI Conference on Artificial Intelligence:


  • Tong, C., Schroeder de Witt, C. A., Zantedeschi, V., Martini, D., Kalaitzis, A., Chantry, M ., Watson-Parris, D., Bilinski, P. “RainBench: Enabling Data-Driven Precipitation Forecasting on a Global Scale” Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning workship at NeurIPS 2020

    Highlight: Spotlight talk

  • Zantedeschi, V., Martini, D., Tong, C., Schroeder de Witt, C. A., Bilinski, P., Kalaitzis, A., Chantry, M ., Watson-Parris, D. “Towards Data-Driven Physics-Informed Global Precipitation Forecasting From Satellite Imagery” AI for Earth Sciences workshop at NeurIPS 2020:

    Highlight: Spotlight talk

  • Harder, P., Jones, W., Lguensat, R., Bouabid, S., Fulton, J., Quesada-Chacón, D., Marcolongo, A., Stefanović, S., Rao, Y., Manshausen, P. & Watson-Parris, D. “NightVision: Generating Nighttime Satellite Imagery from Infra-Red Observations” Tackling Climate Change with Machine Learning workship at NeurIPS 2020:


  • Zantedeschi, V., Falasca, F., Douglas, A., Strange, R., Kusner, M. J., Watson-Parris, D. “Cumulo: A Dataset for Learning Cloud Classes” Climate Change AI workshop at NeurIPS 2019, Vancouver, Canada:

    Highlight: Chosen for ‘best paper’ award

  • Watson-Parris, D., Sutherland, S., Christensen, M., Caterini, A., Sejdinovic, D., Stier, P. “Detecting anthropogenic cloud perturbations with deep learning” Climate Change: How Can AI Help? workshop at ICML 2019, Long Beach, California:

    Highlight: Chosen for ‘best paper’ award

Book Contributions

  • Allan, J. and Watson-Parris, D. “Measurements of Ambient Aerosol Properties” in Aerosols and Climate, by Ken Carslaw. Elsevier (in press)
  • Contributed to “Modelling of short-lived climate forcers” in AMAP 2021 Assessment: Arctic climate, air quality, and health impacts from short-lived climate forcers (in press)