Wrap up week! Great job everyone.


You will be touching on the following topics.

  • Making a final determination on replication
  • Presenting your findings


  • Create a final replication presentation, this should be comprehensive and can be built offf of the presentation your group gave a few weeks back.
  • Brainstorm ideas for Phase II
  • Enjoy cupcakes during the final section meeting/presentation! On me.

Final Presentation

Make sure your presentation is polished and answers the following questions

  1. Could your group successfully replicate the findings of the paper, even if only partially? Provide context on the factors that contributed to your success or failure in replication. For instance, did you find any disagreement with the methodology used in the paper?
  2. Please present the final visualizations created during the course of this project.
  3. Summarize the key concepts and topics that you gained insights into through this project.
  4. Engage in brainstorming to come up with potential ideas for further expanding this research, or propose innovative projects related to sepsis utilizing the MIMIC-III/IV dataset.